Original artwork, Original poetry


Beyond the conceptual world, I see
Is a truth reflected deep inside of me
That I am the one creating this madness
The war, the fighting, the unstoppable sadness

So instead of pushing for change in the world, I live in
Holding on to ideas of what should have been
I hold my gaze at the war in my being
Lovingly caring for the wounded soldiers, I am freeing

All my inner soldiers of hurt, blame and reject
I let them recover deep inside my chest
And when they feel ready to let down their armour
The world I create is one so much more calmer

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

Original artwork, Original poetry

The Key to Love

The mass awareness of love is built on this belief
That love is something to seek on the outside
And that this love is the cause of our agony and grief

It is so crazy how many of us spend our lives searching
For the key to intimacy with another being
When this kind of ‘love’ is so unfulfilled and lurching

We lost touch with our deepest nature and truth
That without our mind’s stories of ‘what should have been’
We would live each moment fulfilled with no need to soothe

In realising we are sole owners of our own making
We see the pain we convince our self another is causing
Is not the truth, that they are only partaking

Partaking in the vibrational frequency, WE are creating
Our unconsciousness projects it outward
And only feels complete in this surface relation

But as long as we only identify with this surface shell
Who thinks it has to have something from others
We create our own dungeon; we create our own hell

Being unable to see the truth for the encapsulating smoke
We do not realise we are not victims of circumstances
That we are not an uninvited guest, nor a beggar or a joke

Being fully human takes a lot of courage and trust in the Divine
But in moments of losing faith, we forget the essential
That honouring truth will bring forward a life more than ‘just fine’

In awakening to love, the essence in another is all we are seeing
Judging no one and needing nothing else than what is
Surrendering to life creates true love amongst every being

The separated, crying, longing, depressed shell of a soul
Then transforms through the pain into a deeper beautiful being
In realising oneness, we’ll finally be fulfilled, blissful and whole

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

Original artwork, Original poetry

It’s just Breadcrumbs!

Hit by your nagging and disturbed perception
So what if there is a little mess, some crumbs on the table?
Some bowls which need cleaning, a messy cable?
Our home is not a sterile doctor’s reception

We get so bruised by your OCD anxiety attack
Your irritation and anger fuel the air with a toxic smoke
You force us to close the windows, to prepare for a stroke
When I want out, you overrule me, and you force me right back

It is so overpowering, so destructive in its essence
It saddens me you only see the dirt and messy living
Instead of all the love and beauty, we are giving
How many ‘meltdowns’ before you’ve learned your lesson?

I have had it with your small-mindedness and your dilution
What you give your energy to is just so small seen from our true state
In this world of wonder, you only on the breadcrumbs fixate
I wish you could laugh at yourself and your unconscious confusion

May your uneasy mind find rest from this unnecessary evil
And may all the mess and breadcrumbs of this life manifested
Bring transformation and peace to your mind so infested
Crumbs or people, we are your teachers; embrace the upheaval!

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

Original artwork, Original poetry

Killing Medusa

In killing Medusa we can’t look at her straight
As turning to stone would be our faith
To transform our immobility response and then heal
We must fist our trauma and deepest fear feel

But like Perseus, we must listen to the Wisdom Goddess
To not hunt Medusa head-on and stay true to this promise
In completing the immobility response to heal our trauma
We must follow our symptoms but not fight our karma

When Perseus killed Medusa two creatures arose from her loss
Chrysaor, the golden sword of truth and Pegasus, the winged horse
Symbols of warrior power, and how to escape our limitations
How to be brave, to live in fearlessness and transcendence

The myth of Medusa is a hero/heroine tale of trauma healing
Which is not a pathology but a true opportunity for unsealing
And transforming our deepest unconscious energy and unfreeze
Our full karmic imprint; killing Medusa IS trauma release

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.