Original artwork, Original poetry

Killing Medusa

In killing Medusa we can’t look at her straight
As turning to stone would be our faith
To transform our immobility response and then heal
We must fist our trauma and deepest fear feel

But like Perseus, we must listen to the Wisdom Goddess
To not hunt Medusa head-on and stay true to this promise
In completing the immobility response to heal our trauma
We must follow our symptoms but not fight our karma

When Perseus killed Medusa two creatures arose from her loss
Chrysaor, the golden sword of truth and Pegasus, the winged horse
Symbols of warrior power, and how to escape our limitations
How to be brave, to live in fearlessness and transcendence

The myth of Medusa is a hero/heroine tale of trauma healing
Which is not a pathology but a true opportunity for unsealing
And transforming our deepest unconscious energy and unfreeze
Our full karmic imprint; killing Medusa IS trauma release

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.