Original artwork, Original poetry

Shaky Grounds

The whole existence evaporated between the cracks
Of the tattered and overheated shaky grounds
Just by looking at him and how he silently reacts
She could predict the explosions of vibrational sounds

She fell in between the cracks and pulled their future with her
While his screams sealed the ground with her resistance
Shaken to her core by just the slightest vibrational stir
She couldn’t find her way back despite their child’s insistence

All she wanted was to escape from the blisters and burns
The emotional lava had left on her body and mind
Her eyes so scared it clouded what her heart so clearly yearns
An ever-present peace -and joy of the true reality behind

In realising she was bruised , he showed his remorse and regret
He never intended to shatter their souls with his vibrational sounds
His being then offered a bride to a truth he never before had said
Bringing hope and love back to life, despite living on shaky grounds

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

Original artwork, Original poetry


Hello – Just wanted to know if you are near?
I am finally alone without all the screaming in my ear
All I long for is to be out of this madness
Embracing love, letting go of my sadness

Hello – Just wanted to tell you I am here
Saying yes to this love despite of my fear
Despite of all the tightness I feel inside
I no longer wish to make riddles, to run or to hide

Hello – Are you real and are you here?
Or are you just an illusion vanished in fear?
I feel so much beauty and how it again is to thrive
The presence within you is transforming my life


© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.