Original artwork, Original poetry


You destroy our love with your anger and rage
Your damaged mind keep me encaged
You force me to leave and force me to stay
Force me to listen, to look, to obey

Your anger so violently perfuses my space
My heart closes down while you argue your case
Screaming, demanding, but in truth falling short
A master of destruction while you bring me to court

Asking me to justify a lifetime of hurt and unfairness
Your victimhood story on repeat without any awareness
I don’t want your pain, anger and frustration under my skin
I am not your perpetrator, your enemy, your mental bin

Your powerful energies of destruction get trapped
In my body as hardness, my lifeforce gets tapped
It activates so much fear in my mind, and being
Your destructive energies are all that I am seeing

I run away to let the wind of peace blow my fears away
But when I return home ‘the angry Hulk’ shows his dismay
In a blink of an eye, you raise your hand in furry and fire
A scary scene from my life filled with sadness, fear and dire

You chase me through the darkness, and I can’t get away
Like a horror movie, you hunt me down and force me to stay
Screams like a psycho lost all control and sense of decency
Your anger and fury is the cause of my heart’s vacancy

Beneath your anger, I do know there is sorrow and sadness
But please stop blaming me for all your mental madness
Stop forcing me to be a certain way to please your will
Keep acting this way, and my affection and love, you will kill!

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.