Original artwork, Original poetry


Sleepwalking beings hurrying through their lives
Married to an illusion as husbands and wives
Fighting for themselves, for their part and appreciation
Chasing every illuminated thrilling sensation

They are only able to feel themselves in light of the other
Playing a well-rehearsed role as partner, father and mother
But when they start to tune in to the voice of their hearts
They will see they are more, more deep and more vast

Wakening up, they will begin to realize and see
That the world is so much more than just a “you and a me”
That there are nowhere to hurry, no end goal to achieve
Nothing and no one can in truth bring relief

Now consciously slowing the paste of their lives
No longer referring to their mind’s outdated archives
Unlocking their love to share with the world
No longer they are stagnant, at sleep and furled

They are now fluid, free beings at peace
In a world of tumults, they go through with ease
No longer fighting, being ignorant or wavering
But illuminated beings who are truly awakening

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.