Original artwork, Original poetry


Her astral body collapsed
Her addictive mind relapsed

Her life was hanging from a cliff in a thread
With her body of painful flesh half dead

Her heart was just a muscle of grey mechanic
Her nervous systems flashing red lights in panic

Viruses of disturbance infiltrating her body of fat
Wiping out the last bit of vitality she had

Her addiction to energies of empty vibration
Left her breathing through a numbness of sensation

Like a broken street light sends flashes of light
She tried to survive in the dark of the night

Praying for life to cradle her in comfort and peace
To switch the lightbulb of her heart and live with ease

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

Original artwork, Original poetry

Healing the Layers Within

I can feel there are layers within me I just can’t reach
Layers of deep sadness there just won’t cease

Even though the outer layers are calm and collected
The deepest layer feels so frightened and unprotected

It longs to feel the sweetness of being
In all I am embracing, feeling and seeing

The sweet nectar of love, union and bliss
Now chocolate and sugar are the replacement for this

Unfortunately, this sweetness doesn’t last very long
And leaves me more empty and depressed after on

Indulging in this artificial and addictive behaviour
I have to deeply realise this is not my true saviour

And dare to feel the deep layers of hurt and hardness
To live my life truthfully in softness and vastness

To not escape the heavy prison of the unsettled mind
But transform it into the loving light and the bliss that is behind

Then even the deepest layer will not be captive of the dungeon’s fiction
And I can start living fully again despite pain, mental struggle and friction

I’ll fall deeper and deeper into the space of the heart
And let every layer of my being fall lovingly apart

Returning to oneness will be the faith of my soul
I’ll finally be healed, blissful and whole!

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.