About the Author


Hi and welcome to my Poetry Blog

My name is Sacha and I am a woman in my early forties and a mother of two wonderful boys. I have a bachelor degree in nursing, a Cand.San. in Health Promotion Research and am currently doing PhD research on Health and Sustainability. My interest in health and wellbeing has not only been a professional one but has on a personal level been a guiding theme throughout my life.

My personal life has (like many others) been challenging at times particularly due to a deep karmic imprint of separation and abandonment. Writing poetry has not only helped me in processing the pain but has also helped me in connecting to the higher truth of love and light ever shining behind the stage of the emotional drama. Though the karmic pattern of separation and suffering and the longing for oneness remains a theme throughout my life and in my writings, having a spiritual and pantheistic understanding and connection to life, also shines through my poetry (in some pieces more than others). I see my poetry as a form of healing the wounds from within. From the connection to the deeper truth of love and light, which makes it possible to feel and express the pain of life and relationships, while at the same time embracing a deeper realisation of truth, happiness, love and light.  From this understanding I chose the name “Heart Light” for my blog; which for me not only expresses the journey of my soul, but also reflects true health and wellbeing in its essence.

For all of you who have suffered the experience of abandonment and separation, and for all of you with a longing in your heart for divine oneness, I wish my poetry will bring support to your own journey back home, to the light in your heart.

Thank you.