Original artwork, Original poetry

It’s just Breadcrumbs!

Hit by your nagging and disturbed perception
So what if there is a little mess, some crumbs on the table?
Some bowls which need cleaning, a messy cable?
Our home is not a sterile doctor’s reception

We get so bruised by your OCD anxiety attack
Your irritation and anger fuel the air with a toxic smoke
You force us to close the windows, to prepare for a stroke
When I want out, you overrule me, and you force me right back

It is so overpowering, so destructive in its essence
It saddens me you only see the dirt and messy living
Instead of all the love and beauty, we are giving
How many ‘meltdowns’ before you’ve learned your lesson?

I have had it with your small-mindedness and your dilution
What you give your energy to is just so small seen from our true state
In this world of wonder, you only on the breadcrumbs fixate
I wish you could laugh at yourself and your unconscious confusion

May your uneasy mind find rest from this unnecessary evil
And may all the mess and breadcrumbs of this life manifested
Bring transformation and peace to your mind so infested
Crumbs or people, we are your teachers; embrace the upheaval!

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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