Original artwork, Original poetry

Cold Man

If you don’t accept it’s your life
You’ll never get what you want
Never feel satisfied with what you have
With me in your life or not, you’ll be sad

When accepting things as they are
They are actually not so bad
If you always want more than you have
You’ll only be lonely and sad…

Being cold only makes it worse
You hurt yourself as much as me
Believe in yourself and your life
Set your happiness free!

Inside you know you are cold
Believing it’s the only way to survive
Stop running away from yourself
Don’t let your words be a lie!

Why punish me for your dissatisfaction
Please realise it’s not me but you
I’m sorry when things have been hard
But only you can change what you do!

(This poem is from an old collection of mine. It was written in 2003 and was the last poem written in my youth (from 1998-2003). Originally the drawing had a title ”Why don’t you want me?”, which reflected the deep feeling of neglect and loneliness I experienced through my youth).

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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