Original artwork, Original poetry

A Pledge to my Heart

I have to realise that you are way too much in fear
The games your mind play mean you can’t have me near
I appreciate ‘our space’ but know I have to let you go
I have to find my strength, that I to my own heart owe

I owe my heart to be with ‘you’
Who can love me so fully all my patterns undo
Who can be authentic, distinguishable from the ‘coof’
A grownup manifesting the love of truth!

Until the day ‘you’ will appear
I’ll love my heart and all its fear
I’ll be the wholeness of a burning presence
For ‘you’ to appear in the light of my essence

Then we can flow into the play of love
Manifesting qualities from high above
The light will shine through me, and I’ll know I’m not lost
Being true to my heart no matter the cost!

© 2021 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

Original artwork, Original poetry

To My Inner Child

I am sorry for leaving you
I didn’t know any better
But I am here for you now
I will not judge you, Ignore you
Project on to you, like they do!

I will thank them and let them be
So I can take care of what’s in me
You, my dear, my sweet innocent child
I’ll never leave you again
So much hurt I caused, you had to flee!

Forgive me, dear child, I was lost
But I’m coming home now
I’ll hold you, love, and protect you
You’re no longer threatened on your survival
My flight has had too high a cost!

Now rest peacefully in my presence
This is a new beginning
I am no longer lost in the world
You, my dear, are my light shining bright
You are my joy and my essence!

It is time to laugh, play and be
My inner child, I am here now
I am home again to stay
The nightmare is over
You are finally free!

© 2021 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.