Original artwork, Original poetry

A Letter of Goodbye

I am sorry for creating a world of fury and fire
It hurt me when you ignored me and ran away
Your detachment made my pain rise higher
Couldn’t understand why you didn’t stay

A pain so high I lost my own sense of being
The trauma of not having worth
Disturbed the truth my heart was seeing
A disturbance constructed at birth

But my heart does see you didn’t mean to cause me pain
And your escape was never about my worth
But just your own paranoia, which was insane
And inhibited something new to be nourished to birth

I guess it happened ’cause my soul needed to learn
That when losing my heart in a man who can’t stay true
I’ll be in hell until the day my karmic imprint will burn
Till the day, all my patterns of trauma undo

I do believe I am still with you in your mind
And that you are suffering as well
’Cause something was so true and rare to find
But the disturbance made us both fell

In the end, the beauty of the situation revealed
That it was never really about you to set me free
But my own opening within, which used to be sealed
That now, I am open to embracing fully being me

Despite I’ll miss what we were and had
The bond we shared and the truth underneath
I thank you while still being in shock and sad
Connecting to the earth under my feet

’Cause I know, one day the contraction will transform
Into openness, wholeness and expansion once more
When something new is ready to be born and grow
The beauty and bliss I will again be and adore!

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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