Original artwork, Original poetry

Healing the wound deep within

I have a wound in my being
Which affects my blood and sight
All that flows through me
All that I am seeing
Is your neglect
Your disrespect
Devaluing my essence
How can I ever trust myself
In your arms again?
How can I end my projections?

I must return home
To heal my wound
So I can start to feel and see
The true reality around me
That you don’t mean to cause me harm
And what I put on you
Merely is a reflection of my inner self
An unloving internal voice
Subconsciously convinced
That I am not worthy of your love

Oblivious to the fact
that I am already this love
That I don’t need you for my
Emotional survival
Break this mirror of illusion
I want to heal my wound
To live authentically again
Valuing, respecting and loving
The essence I shine from within
Shedding this victim narrative
Bringing back my power

The journey has started…

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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