Original artwork, Original poetry

Can’t Escape the Pain

No drugs can release the feeling of depression and fear
Why do I lose myself so much when you are not here?
I wish I could drown my feelings in sugar and drugs
Though in truth, I know what I need is my own love and hugs

Why have I left myself so isolated and frozen?
Why has my soul this lonely life chosen?
So dissociated, so sad and confused
Feeling fatigued, frustrated, used

The same soundtrack of melancholic lines
Repeatedly display my thoughts and rewind
All the unhappy places I wished I left behind
It consumes my being, the truth of love I cannot find

Feeling sick to the bone in your absence of presence
I said I’d be fine, but that’s only true when I live from my essence
And the opening in my heart when you were here
Left a hole of emptiness, struggle and despair

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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