Original artwork, Original poetry

Karma Release

I know they didn’t mean to cause me sorrow and pain
But it’s so deeply ingrained that it flows through my veins
It’s a karmic imprint at the base of my being
The truth of love and light I no longer am seeing

Like a crack in a clay jaw, a ray of light might occasionally shine through
But only with the idea and thought of an imaginary you
You who could love the unloved, who could be all that I need
But in truth, it’s just an illusion with an unstoppable hunger I feed

The sorrow and pain they put me through growing up
Has left a reservoir of disturbed emotions keeping my lifeforce stuck
It’s like a filter of hurt to watch the world trough
So what they did back then, I now see in you too

I know you told me you didn’t mean to cause me harm and sadness
But the story repeats in my head’s heavy madness
I wanna break free, find the strength to undo what I am seeing
To crack the jaw open, so light of love can flow through my being

The flow of love shall come from deep within my heart
So I no longer look outward for healing my broken parts
To recognise the truth that everyone just wanna be love
But life broke them too, so they had no more to give of

So I’ll practise ending my story of love being mugged
A narrative of abandonment, of someone broken and unloved
I’ll remove the filter from the eyes of my being
So what no longer serves me, I am lovingly freeing

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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