Original artwork, Original poetry

Don’t You Care?

I know you don’t wanna hear from me
‘Cause your life fills you up
But I am walking around alone in the night
Longing to tell you my heart is in shock
That I am encaged with sadness and fright

It pains me you vanished when I needed you here
To share how much hurt he has caused me
That it saddens my heart, that it’s too hard to bear
But you’re oblivious to what you can’t feel or see
What does this mean? Do you really not care?

The feelings of falling short echoes through my mind
When your presence is so disturbed and mistuned
I am penetrated with a feeling that you do not care
No longer present or with my heart attuned
Not sure if I any longer your absence can bear

I know I my own presence must find
To take care of the hurt penetrating my being
To let go of the idea that you should come to my rescue
That it is my own love for myself and my sons that is freeing
The aversions, the longing, the soul-pain tattoo

So I am walking at night with my son in my hand
Kissed by the mild wind and the soft sound of the waves
Don’t really want to go back to our home
At sea, I feel free; back there, I’m encaged
‘Cause at home his madness turn my being to stone

The lesson is now how to stay free and strong
Through the fire and fury, he puts me through
And how not to lose touch of my own blissful being
Even in the absence, I so clearly feel from you
That I am the one my heart longs to be seeing

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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