Original artwork, Original poetry

Longing for Oneness

Paralysed when I don’t hear from you
My words of insecurity I can’t undo
Tough as concrete but nothing new
You are not just one but quite a few!

The story is the same with many different faces
But seeing it in you, I can’t look at other places
I want you back in my life, as with my presence
When will I fully be love? Be fully my essence?

Will you come back and be my heart’s vocation?
Or must I stay forever in this prison of penalisation?
Or is my freedom in the ‘not escaping’ sensation?
Life is freedom if not lived in paralysing separation

In longing for oneness, I see I long for you ‘man’
who can open my being; is it something you can?
And can I let you love me fully into fluidity once again?
Then my love will expand without being sprained

I often wonder if my longing for hearing from you
Could be healed just by deeply knowing my blue
In reality, is a gateway to my heartbeating’s glue
Realising being with myself IS to be with you too

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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