Original artwork, Original poetry

Violet Flames

Violet flames you burn all that’s unloved so I again can rise above
The stuck, fragmented and shoved, transforming pain into your love
Your violet flame has my being perfused, infusing me with a radiant truth
That all I hold on to in bringing feelings of sooth, it is now time to truly undo
Violet flames you are transforming my frights, into the sacred of all holy lights
I am burning to ashes my will and my frights, no longer scared of evil and heights
No longer letting my-self being bruised; no longer letting my-self be reduced
In your violet fire, I am seduced to live with your powerful truth perfused
No longer reducing myself to a peasant, in truth I am love and light in your essence
Violet flames in your evanescence, I am transformed in the light of your presence

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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