Original artwork, Original poetry

I am Not the Cause of Pain

Something sits so deep within, I can’t escape the feeling
That it’s my fault that he’s in pain, that I obstruct his healing
That I am the cause of all his sadness, anger, pain and stress
If only I could be more love, more perfect, he would find rest

It is like deep within ‘my little child’ has this ‘mental stain’
Convinced that it is her fault her parents are in pain
Convinced that if she just were better her mother wouldn’t leave
Her father wouldn’t be depressed, and he would not retrieve

The trauma of abandonment has created this illusion of the mind
A story of imperfections and rejections that I seem unable to rewind
Unable to untangle me from my own and his illusions
I feed the beast of separateness with narratives of confusions

But when I feel deep within, not trying to escape the feeling
The confusion vanishes and reveals an opportunity for healing
To see that it’s not my imperfections that are the root course
To other beings’ vibrational pain of losing contact with ‘the source’

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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