Original artwork, Original poetry

Holding On

Holding on to so much pain
In my body, spirit and soul
It runs through every artery and vein
I’m lost in a big black hole

I feel in every fibre of my being
Particularly in my belly and back
It stiffens the picture I’m seeing
Of a life in depletion and lack

It keeps me from being truly present
From feeling the light in my heart
Only the pounding beat of unpleasant
Makes my soul from my body depart

Holding on to what has been
A traumatic memory from the past
Sits as a vibration under my skin
Reducing my life, once so vast

Softening with compassion the turbulence
And accepting the resonance within
That swings to the tunes of disturbance
Loving the tightness of what has been

Letting go of my mind’s illusion
That life should be different and light
I’ll follow my deepest intuition
And give up my dreams with no fight

My body is in pain but I’ll stay
And listen to the message beneath
Tell me what are you trying to say
The healing is not out of reach

Whatever vibration is trapped
In my body and soul, I’ll release
My unconsciousness unwrapped
Surrender to living in peace

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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