Original artwork, Original poetry

Judgement Release

The day I will stop judging you
Will be the day I stop judging my self
But releasing such a deep imprint
And replace it with kindness and ease
Will be the day of no expectations
Will be the day I shed my old skin
And turn back to the love I once was
But am I really ready for this?
What makes me hold on to such pain
Of judging and perceptions of being judged?
I want to release this deep karmic imprint
‘Cause I don’t wish to say you are wrong
But my armour is strong as an army
Of angry men in a war
When I feel you judge who I am
I’ll defend myself to the core
But perhaps I should just let you win?
Let you kill me and leave me to bleed
Perhaps only then I will see
Everything is fine as it is

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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