Original artwork, Original poetry

Crazy Times

It’s crazy that we are still standing here
So rootless after more than a whole year
Why are we still in much pain and fear?

When do we for real rise in sincerity?
Bringing out the deepest of clarity
Living this NOW in total transparency

Wanting to shine with grace, goodness and ease
Devoting my life to the truth that’s beneath
Where no one is strangers, and everyone sees

Beneath it all I know there is a soft space of silence
That is bringing peace, clarity and guidance
A knowing of love that will end all the violence

End all the confusion, tension and drama
Releasing oceans of build-up negative karma
No need for distractions, no need for ‘pharma’

In these crazy times, we will still stand
Despite all the struggles, restrictions and ban
We will unite as woman and man

Crazy times, though being hard as it is
Has also a hidden purl of bliss
Which can be felt in a smile or a kiss

So, let me soften with your presence near
Caringly nurture the child that we bear
Keeping our hearts open for all our fear

Living this now in total surrender and embrace
I won’t worry about the things that we’ll face
There will be nothing left on the outside to chase

So, let these crazy times unfold and be felt
I’m sure all that’s stock will be starting to melt
And only the ashes from the old will be smelt

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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