Original artwork, Original poetry


I breathe through the sadness in my chest
Though my heart is heavy and can’t find rest
I longed for union, for love to expand
But all I was left with was a frustrated man

Then You appeared who could see my pain
And you became a drug to keep me sane
You became my sweet escape, my illusion
But now I am left in a lonely confusion

‘Cause what you showed me was so real and true
And was transcending what is just me and you
But then you vanished in a blink of an eye
Leaving me with a feeling it was all a lie

Leaving me with nowhere to escape
Forced to face the discomfort I co-create
That it has never been your power to set me free
All along the power has been inside of me

The truth is you were just a wonderful distraction
But with your absence, I was forced to face my reactions
To see the truth that in my longing for emancipation
I was too fast in chasing the expanding sensation

Instead of staying true to the knowledge I see
That nothing and no one can really set me free
Only by not trying to escape “the frustrated man”
Can I be free and get love to expand

Therefore I breathe through the sadness in my chest
In the hope and wish I can one day find rest
And be with “man” no matter his form or fear
That by loving it all I can hold “him” near

Near to the truth of love and light in my heart
Transcending it all, rewriting my part
So that “frustrated man” and the one who’s beyond
Again, can be whole, again can be one

Then I will breathe without the sadness in my chest
In the knowledge of my heart has found its rest
The union I longed for will then come true
With every being I meet, not only you

Then I won’t need you to escape my life
‘Cause I will be all I need to thrive
‘Cause I’m no longer the ‘little me’ I used to be
In breathing the truth, I will be set free

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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