Original artwork, Original poetry

Alone in the Darkest of Nights

So sad, so angry and frustrated
So difficult to even breathe
The sweetness in my soul mutilated
Nowhere to find rest or ease

So angry at you for being you
A small-minded, egocentric illusionist
So unforgiving what you do
Or am I just being a pessimist?

So much pain inside my soul
I can barely find the will to live
The world seems so shallow and cold
I have no power to receive nor give

For the kids, I’ll stay alive and true
Though you hurt me in every act of life
And I’ll still carry the heavy burden of you
Though I myself am more dead than alive

So where did all the shining happiness go?
The laughter, the love, joy and bliss?
My being has reached a higher low
Forever confined, so much I have missed

I’m trapped in a very dark place
With no colour or light shining through
You just tell me it’s not a true space
And I really want to believe you

But I am trapped, angry and sad
And it feels very real and alive
I lose touch with all I have had
So lost I don’t know how to thrive

The darkness is all I can feel and see
And It’s felt with sorrows and frights
With the knowing that no one will save me
I am alone in the darkest of nights

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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