Original artwork, Original poetry


Why are you doing this to me?
Can’t you see that this is killing me?
Why am I doing this to myself?
Why can’t I differentiate between our cells?
And see that you are just a reflection
Of my inner scenery, my subconscious spells

Why are we doing this to “us”?
Is it more than just pure “lust”?
Why are we confused and confined?
Why are we not seeing what’s behind?
That the love is real and pure
And is always here to find

Why am I still distorted and vain?
Why do I resist going through all this pain?
Why can’t I accept that this is meant to be?
That with or without you I am happy and free?
And thanking you for mirroring the truth
That I am the one leaving me

Why can’t I see you for who you are?
A mere reflection of my own inner scar
As well as reflecting the light that’s within
That has never left, that has always been
Coming home to what is real
That true love will always win

© 2022 Original painting and poetry by heartlight.blog. All rights reserved.

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